Family/Relationship Coaching

Decide how you're going to show up in relationships with loved ones

The Working Widow Program for Family/Relationships includes modules on:

  • How to interpret past and present circumstances in healthy ways

  • How to be connected to and in command of your thoughts and emotions

  • How to properly set boundaries and follow through on them

  • How to make decisions about your reactions to how others behave

  • How to be the parent you need and want to be in the aftermath of the loss

Upon purchase, you will receive an orientation email and link to set up your coaching sessions.

Nicole will reach out to you directly to get underway!


Rave Reviews

What Clients Have Said

Nicole's perspective, accountability and reassurance kept me on track, pushed me past frustrating moments, and gave me significantly more confidence. Nicole was invaluable, I’m forever grateful, and would absolutely recommend her.

J. Oberhelman

Nicole cares deeply about the individuals she coaches, and the rapport you build with her is one-of-a-kind. Her support is immeasurable, puts me at ease, and I highly recommend her to provide a refreshing lens.

Christina Delsman

Nicole’s coaching was instrumental in helping me get past perceived mental blocks and external challenges, so that I could act and start moving toward my goals. She breaks down complex scenarios and emotions so that you can start making positive change.

A. Beyer


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