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Loss/Widowhood Coaching

Make sense of your circumstances and decide where to go from here

The Working Widow Program for Loss/Widowhood includes modules on:

  • How to interpret past and present circumstances in healthy ways

  • How to be connected to and in command of your thoughts and assumptions

  • How to manage the intensity and variability of your emotions around your loss

  • How to make decisions about your and your family's future

Upon purchase, you will receive an orientation email and link to set up your coaching sessions.

Nicole will reach out to you directly to get underway!


Rave Reviews

What Clients Have Said

Nicole’s suggestions provided me a new level of clarity, confidence and focus. She understood my concerns and tailored her recommendations around our conversations.

Ryan S.

Nicole is an amazing listener. She is able to process a lot of information and from it, is quickly able to provide solid guidance and options. She is warm, open and a pleasure to work with.

Grace L.

I am so grateful to have Nicole as a guiding light. Nicole understands people and dynamics quickly. You will do most of the talking, and she will bring it all together. The ah-ha moment!

Paige C.


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