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Moving Forward in a Healthy Way
is Within Your Grasp

The loss of a spouse can be absolutely staggering.

And you are ready to move forward.

You want to celebrate the past, honor your late spouse, and process the grief in a healthy way.

But more than anything, you want to craft a new future for yourself.

* * *

You might face harsh or silent judgments from others. 

You might be worried that your kids aren't ready, yet you are.

You might want to do bold things but worry you ought not to.

You might be ready to move forward, yet others are not ready for you to move forward.

* * * 

You can have a crystal-clear path forward.

Surface your own wisdom, and trust your instincts. Learn how to have your own back.​

Clarity and good decisions are in you.

Forge ahead with peace regarding the past and confidence about the future!


Certified Life Coach and
Executive Performance Coach

Nicole Coustier

I am a widow, mother, former consulting firm executive and founder of Aurelian Coaching.

I help my clients who experienced the death of a spouse to adjust the lens through which they process information and make decisions in their professional and personal lives.

Whether relationships, widowhood, or career, my Working Widow Program will help you come out of the fog of loss and move forward in a healthy, proactive way.


Listen to the excerpt of Nicole being interviewed by Jim Masters on CloseUp Radio, discussing how to build a new future after the loss of a spouse:


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Bring one really big question you have in your life right now, and I will actively coach you through it.

I want you to see what kind of breakthrough is possible in one short interaction.


Working Widow Programs
are for widows and widowers who are willing to do the work to forge a future for themselves.

Not everyone is ready to move forward, and that's OK.

But if you are ready to embrace the emotional health and wellness required move forward, these programs are available.

Each 8-session program is available for $2,700. Sessions occur over Zoom.


Family/Relationship Coaching

Decide how you're going to show up in relationships with loved ones

Loss/Widowhood Coaching

Make sense of your circumstances and decide where to go from here

Career/Leadership Coaching

Be confident in your job positioning and expertise after your loss

Nicole helps you identify the things you really desire – drilling down past your own perceptions or stories about what you do and don’t want to find out what it truly is that drives you.

Marin Moran

Nicole's feedback unlocked my more centered, communicative self. She did help immeasurably in finding my voice.

Rosalie Lamb

Nicole is has a very warm & inviting personality, very easy to speak with. Asks good questions that do not feel invasive but allow you to dig deep & really think about what is important to you.

Chris Damico

I came to Nicole when I was in a dark place professionally and emotionally. I felt very heard and got equal parts professional advice, and notes on personal development. After our talks, I feel like I’m ready to get back out into the world.

Mike Demas


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Get coached. Get clarity. Move forward. 


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